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I need help remembering how to like myself.

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Sometimes I just get so empty. And I don’t know why. I can’t talk to anyone about it because they’ll just input their own views and make it sound like their advice is successful. don’t understand how it feels to look at your life and to feel as if you are standing at a distance watching a person who strongly resembles live your live for you. They don’t understand the hollow feeling residing at the bottom of your heart. They don’t feel but most importantly, they don’t understand nor do they try. How do you fill the emptiness when you don’t even know why you’re empty? Is it because you’re stuck in a rut or you feel the future impending on you and there’s nothing you can do about it?

I haven’t liked someone in so long. So when it’s late at night and I read stories about how people feel love and can express it towards their loved ones, my hearts hurts so much that I want to explode.

Whatever. I don’t need friends anyways.

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Where is the 세 훈 to my 로 한?